FTX Fund Announced to Launch Derivative Cryptocurrency Exchange

May 5, 2021 | News

In March 2021, FTX Fund announced that they plan to establish a Multi-functional Cryptocurrency Exchange in the scheme of digital assets being adopted worldwide. According to their statement, an Initial Public Offering (IPO) has been registered to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), allowing investors worldwide to access FTX Fund Exchange legally. FTX Fund innovates the core business with decentralized technology. In their Business Strategy Report, some highlight features might appear in the FTX Fund Exchange:

  • Price Manipulation Security systems observe for irregularities across all trading pairs and moderate the risk of accidental liquidations and short squeezes.
  • Cloud Scalability Configuration, which is able of managing up to 10,000 transactions per second.
  • Collaboration with Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) utilises the price matching mechanism and prevents stuck traffic network during the high-volume peak.
  • FTXF Token optimizes payments for around 1.5 million hotel systems and ticket booking of 400 different airlines universal.

Currently, The FTXFund Decentralized Exchange has also undergone a series of reviewing the application code to receive Certification issued by Chainsulting. Some of the significant criteria to pass the Chainsulting Audit:

Certificate of Compliance.
Full Report & Recommendations.
Automated Vulnerability Tests (Mythril, Slither, Oyente, MythX, Solhint, HoneyBadger, etc.).
Manual Security Tests (SWC-Registry, Overflow, etc.).
Coding Conventions Tests.
Function and Logic Tests.

About FTX Finance Ltd, it is a private limited company incorporated in England and whose registered office address is at No 40 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 03T, United Kingdom. At the moment, Daniel Pearl is the Chief Executive Officer to direct the company, who has had five years of substantial operational experience working in the financial sector. He is incredibly well-versed in Blockchain technology, as he has been a specialist dealing with the matter for over four years, working with Blockchain, distributed ledger, and all-around familiar with the entire cryptocurrency industry. Daniel has taken up roles as both engineering and technological experts.

Featured image: FTX Fund


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